Remote Management


The use of a package for software roll-outs has been estimated to offer a 20% saving in productivity costs. By delivering a single application package, implemented through the use of an installer service, you can ensure a standardized roll-out across your entire network.



We offer:

•  Complete pre-rollout testing and quality assurance

•  A complexity report

•  Full product documentation

By looking at a roll-out as a whole, we guarantee that both the technical and non-technical aspects of the process are tightly managed and coordinated, thus ensuring a effective process with the minimum of disruption to your company's services.


New releases are prepared, after they have been through a rigorous testing process, by combining the new configuration, any modified components and its documentation.

Client Imaging 

A base image including all the necessary components, such as the operating system, network protocols, and drivers, can be used by an organization across its workstations and server environment to allow a level of standardization that will ensure that updates and improvements to the image build are efficient both in terms of time and money.


A standard image used throughout a company allows patches, upgrades and corrections to be managed effectively and leads to an error-free environment for its end users. Onsite activity is reduced through the use of such an image and end users can more quickly access the new environment.

Electronic Software Distribution 

This service allows software packages to be distributed electronically around the network with the minimum of disruption to the working process. All the packages are sent out from a single distribution point, allowing their installation and performance to be monitored and recorded and to ensure that the software can be deployed with a minimum of cost and time. All the software installations can be tracked giving an accurate record of their implementation and performance.

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