Environmental Management System


We set up an Environmental Management System (EMS) as a set of tools, policies and procedures, training and expertise that can be used to create programs and plans tailored to meet the resources and goals of our organization.


The key elements of the EMS are:

•  Defining roles and responsibilities

•  Identifying and prioritizing environmental impacts

•  Setting measurable objectives and targets

•  Verifying and establishing operational controls

•  Monitoring and measuring activities and progress

•  Aiming for continual improvement as part of a review (feedback) cycle

ISO 14001 

The ISO 14001 Certification covers all activities at all locations. This enables, ensures and confirms compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements.

ECTA also has an official environmental policy statement. Principles:

•  Environmental care is a social responsibility of the company and thus for everyone in the organization.

•  The complete life cycle of products and equipment is taken into account in our activities, from initial development through to disposal.

Currently monitoring/measuring energy conservation, waste management and recycling program as well as measuring the amount of waste generated/recycled is part of ISO 14001.


Our employees receive environmental training that is commensurate with their responsibilities.


ISO 14001 surveillances are conducted once a year by an independent auditor. Core elements are reviewed each year and management system processes are selected accordingly throughout the course of ISO 14001 certification.


We also perform self assessments and reviews annually in order to continually improve the environmental management system, to achieve overall improvement in environmental performance. At regular intervals management carries out a review of the environmental management system to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

Issues considered in the review are:

•  review of the environmental objectives and targets;

•  audit findings;

•  concerns amongst relevant interested parties;

•  evaluation of the effectiveness of the environmental management system;

•  evaluation of the suitability of the environmental policy and the need for changes in the light of changing legislation, changing expectations and requirements of interested parties, changes in the products or activities of the organization, developments in technology, lessons learned from environmental incidents, market preferences, reporting and communication.

We cascade all these elements onto our own suppliers who perform work that is material to the goods and/or services


Fines and penalties 

One significant measure of a company’s environmental performance is its record of fines and penalties. ECTA has been ISO 14001 Certified since 2009. Since then no fines have been assessed.

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