Platform Integration and Deployment Services

Facilitating PC platform deployments and refreshes promptly and economically.

Service Detail 

By using our platform integration and deployment services, our clients can ensure that they are able to acquire, build and roll out platforms or refresh hardware both productively and efficiently.


•  PC deployment with the minimum of disruption to clients’ businesses

•  Reduced project management and deployment costs

•  Greater levels of quality and consistency

•  Low-risk asset disposal

•  Cost-efficient deployments leading to shorter time to value

•  New technologies and upgrades are implemented more efficiently

•  Better regulation and consistency of IT staff resource requirements

•  Downtime, project delays and logistics are kept to a minimum

•  Higher levels of quality assurance throughout the entire process

Deploying PC platforms and upgrades across your organization 


One of the major problems experienced by any organization is that of keeping up with the latest technology to improve and advance productivity. To ensure that a company can meet the demands of its clients and offer the best services and products available it is necessary to continuously update its PC environment and hardware. Downtime spent rolling out new PC networks and refreshing hardware on an organization-wide basis can hamper the smooth operation of a business and performing such tasks without incurring risk can present a challenge.


Many companies simply do not have to staff or the infrastructure to assemble the new PCs, configure them correctly, and set up the complexities of the network required. Furthermore, a large, well-coordinated, experienced team is required to ensure that the rollout is performed effectively and with minimal disruption to on-going enterprises. Organizations working in the international arena may also have to take multi-language support into consideration, as well as customs regulations and logistic issues. Once all the hardware has arrived and has been configured correctly, they will need to be connected to networks, printers and other peripherals. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, smooth on-going maintenance has to be ensured.


Unsurprisingly, many companies approach rollouts with some trepidation and subsequent delays can lead to a reduction in performance. The services that we offer our clients provide a solution to such problems. Our highly-skilled teams and significant experience in organizing and implementing large-scale rollouts will guarantee cost-effective, problem-free PC deployments that will allow you to maintain high levels of employee productivity regardless of the size and complexity of your PC network.

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