End User Services

Enhancing the end-user’s productivity by providing around-the-clock assistance

End User Support

cost-effective and productive

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Our IT support services ensure that your end-users have access to a user-friendly support environment covering all their software interfaces, platforms and devices. Our dedicated IT staff promotes end-user productivity and satisfaction by providing access to all the pertinent information and applications, leaving your own IT professionals to concentrate on achieving your wider business objectives.

Mobile Enterprise Services

full-customized services

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We offer a full range of services, from design and implementation through to long-term support and management. We can be employed to improve your services at any stage of the technology’s lifecycle.

Platform Integration

and Deployment Services

PC platform deployments

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With many years experience in the end-user services field, highly-qualified and experienced staff, and a commitment to promoting and enhancing end-user productivity and efficiency, ECTA can offer you an individual and personal service which will perfectly suit your objectives and help you to achieve your business goals.

Software Platform Management

design, buid, roll out

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